'Re-play Reality' - workshop

Would you like to relate to others in a new and more profound way?

In Augusto Boal's method “Theater of the Oppressed” real situations and conflicts are

brought into play. We repeat the play to try out different ways of reacting in the situation, so

we can explore how our actions and behavior have an impact on others. Every action will

change the interaction and the goal is not to find the correct or perfect way of being. Instead

the method helps the participants to understand themself, their own actions, and the

influences this has on their relationships.

This work can inspire you to have new ways of (re)acting in the reality that is to come. We

believe that relating to yourself and others in a conscious way is a step towards a healthier


Method: Practical classes focusing on body language and spoken words.

Recipients: All people interested in self-knowledge and communication. More than 16 years

old. A basic level of spoken English is required as the workshop will be held in english.
Proposers: Mariane Siem is a dramaturg, speech therapist, voice coach and improvised storyteller.

She is artistic leader and performer in teater Aktanten and she teaches drama and voice at

different schools and cultural institutions in Denmark. The core of her work is playfulness,

curiosity, creativity and making space for human beings to explore their own power and

possibilities in life.

Also teaching “Den levende stemme” in FO.


Juliana Appel is an actress and storyteller, graduated in Art Education from the University of

Joinville and with a Postgraduate degree in Art Teaching, from FAP, Brazil. She received

training at The International Commedia School, a physical drama school in Copenhagen.

She has over 18 years of experience in teaching drama, storytelling and body language.

Aslo teaching in “Acting for Fun” workshop in FO.





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