Acting for Fun - Workshop series

Overcome shyness and fear of public speaking and improve your performance in work, study, and socially. Come and develop your full potential.

Theatre games bring benefits not only for actors but for everyone who experiment it. Perceiving your body in space, listening to each other, working as a team is some of the benefits that a person can acquire participating in an acting workshop.

The main focus of the workshop is personal development through theatre games, so you can develop emotional intelligence and learn how to deal with stressful everyday situations. In this workshop, you will do improvisation games, body- and vocal expression exercises and group dynamics. The activities aim to develop self-confidence, creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication and overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Come along and take part in this interactive workshop lead by the Brazilian theatre actress and drama teacher Juliana Appel. The classes will be conducted in a free, light and motivating way and in a pleasant environment. You will feel free to discover and release your potentialities. Come and find the best of yourself! Follow facebook page here

·         Awake the expressive possibilities of the body and the voice;

·         Stimulate creativity;

·         Develop characters interpretation skills;

·         Work in a team in a cooperative and creative way;

·         Perceive the body in the space and its relationship with the other workshop participants;

·         Discover space for playing and unlocking the stresses of everyday life.

“We must all do theatre – to find out who we are and to discover who we could become” – Augusto Boal

Method: Practical classes using corporal expression exercises based on the techniques from Augusto Boal, Jacques Lecoq, and Anne Bogart.

Recipients: All people interested in expressing themselves through Theatre Games. More than 16 years old.

Requirements for participants: Wear comfortable clothing.


Juliana Appel is an actress and storyteller, graduated in Art Education from the University of Joinville and with a Postgraduate degree in Art Teaching, from FAP, Brazil. She received training at The International Commedia School, a physical drama school in Copenhagen. She has over 16 years of experience in teaching drama, narrative and body language. In 2019, she did the body language preparation for TEDxAarhus speakers. You can follow Juliana at Acting For Fun Aarhus




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Juliana Appel

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